Amelia Greenfield

Owner and Manager

Amelia is from a sheep and cattle station 135km north of Port Augusta, called South Gap. The property has been in the Greenfield family for generations. Amelia loves horses and started riding as a toddler. Her family even used to drive two hours each way to drive into town so she could be part of the Pony Club in Port Augusta. When she finished high school, Amelia took on a part-time job in graphic design. At the time, Melissa and Richard Boully owned Ranges Fodder & Saddlery and they asked Amelia for help with their website. Eventually they decided Amelia may as well be on the payroll and she started work at Ranges in 2009. After Melissa and Richard decided to move interstate, Amelia became the sole owner of Ranges in June 2013.

Amelia’s favourite breed is Thoroughbred. She owns two Thoroughbreds (Eque and Dom), a Thoroughbred Appaloosa cross (Bobbie Sox) and a Warmblood Stockhorse cross (Gryphon). She is also the proud owner of Axel the kelpie, and three cats – Emerald, Amber and Malachite. A typical day for Amelia involves feeding the horses in the morning and going for a ride if she’s working in the afternoon.

When at work, for Amelia, it’s all about the details. One of her great strengths is paying attention to the little things. She’s always trying to find better ways of doing things and continuous improvement is a focus. If she could have a superpower, Amelia says she would choose Telekinesis (Google it!). Before working at Ranges, Amelia did live-in stablehand work for Olympic Gold Medallist, Wendy Schaeffer. Her favourite horse sport is eventing, and she placed at state champs in Pony Club, evented Pony Club Grade One (Equestrian Australia Pre-Novice), showjumped D Grade and competed up to elementary level in dressage. She’s also competed in novelties such as barrel racing, team penning and western pleasure.

With her passion for horses, Amelia has rehabilitated horses who have been underweight or injured, and retrained many Thoroughbreds from racehorses into equestrian pursuits. She has been a member of the Port Augusta Pony Club for many years as website manager and secretary and is also a member of the Southern Flinders Dressage Club. Amelia also supports and sponsors many local equestrian events through Ranges Country. Amelia says the items she can’t live without in the tack shed/stables are a rope halter and lead.

Out of the different types of horse feed Ranges sell, her favourite is the Hygain Tru Gain, which is great for putting weight on skinny horses. Her favourite clothing brand stocked at Ranges is Ariat, because they have both English and Western designs. In her spare time, Amelia catches up on the book work and also likes to fit in some reading, Netflix and manicures!