Vanessa Clancy

Sales Staff

Born and raised in Quorn, Vanessa started working at Ranges back in 2006. She took a break from 2015 – 2017, but is now back working as one of our wonderful forklift drivers. She is an avid horse enthusiast, who first rode a horse at just five years old. Vanessa’s first horse was an Arab cross called Herman, but these days, her favourite breed is the Australian Stock Horse.

Vanessa is a very experienced rider and has competed in many disciplines. Dressage and team penning are Vanessa’s favourite horse events and one of her most special achievements was placing at the Adelaide Royal Show two years in a row.

A typical day for Vanessa is waking up early at 6am to feed her four horses – Dancy, Eddi, Olly and Kennedy. She also takes her three dogs for a run (Chloe, Digger and Bear), before starting work at 8am. Vanessa is very much an animal lover and, in addition to her horses and dogs, she also owns a lizard, two rats and a guinea pig!

Before working at Ranges, Vanessa used to break in horses so she has lots of good advice to offer. After work and on the weekend these days, you’ll find Vanessa riding her horses and spending some quality time with her children. She’s also a member of the Stockyard Arena in Quorn.

Vanessa brings a lot of humour to Ranges Country. She loves nothing more than making people smile and laugh. She’s also useful because she can lift heavy things! Vanessa says, if she could choose any superpower, she would like to be able to fly!

One item Vanessa can’t live without in the tack shed/stables is No Nots. Her favourite horse feed for her horses is Hygain Tru Gain and her favourite clothing brand is Ariat. Vanessa’s the best person to ask about western gear, such as girths for western or swinging fender saddles.